It all started back in June 2002 when I was in Italy for vacation. I ordered a draught Bitburger and they served it to me in a beautiful glass with a golden logo on it (photo on the left). For some reason I liked it so much that I asked the waiter to buy the glass. I didn't have any intention to start collecting beer glasses at that moment. I just wanted the glass. The waiter kindly offered me the glass for free after asking the restaurant owner. I took it back to the hotel and I thought this would be a nice souvenir. The next day I saw Bitburger on draught again and out of curiosity I ordered another one just to see if they had any other interesting glasses. This time they served it in a different glass (the flute type). I thought this looks nice too, I must have this one as well. Same story as the day before, I asked for the glass and the waiter offered me the glass for free. I thought this would make a nice collection. On that trip I think I brought home more than 10 glasses from different brands of beer. That's how I got into collecting beer glasses!

Beer Glasses Collection

Hello friends and welcome to my website. I have been collecting beer glasses  with great passion since 2002. Since then I have traded with over 40 collectors worldwide...

I come from the beautiful island of Cyprus and I am very proud of my collection as I managed to get my hands on some rare and unique glasses. I have glasses  from nanobreweries, extinct breweries, special anniversary pieces and some really old ones which are very difficult to find. I published this website to display my collection and to bring breweriana collectors from all over the world together. Please take a moment to check out my glasses and drop me a line if you want to trade.

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